Perks and Incentives


We are proud of our food and want you to be familiar with the taste and appearance of all the items we serve. With this in mind, Shari’s has a generous team member meal program. Tipped team members receive a 50% discount on meals while working. Non-tipped team members receive a $9 meal allowance each shift. Managers and supervisors receive a 100% discount on meals while working.


Shari’s is all about family dining and Shari’s provides you with a 30% discount card starting with your first paycheck. Shari’s 30% discount card allows you to purchase meals for yourself and immediate family members who are accompanying you at any Shari’s location during your time off. Many of our team members find this especially helpful when they are traveling or are on vacation. In addition, managers are encouraged to dine during their off-duty time with their families at a 100% discount twice a month and assistant managers once a month.

100 CLUB

Shari’s has a long tradition of getting to know our guests by name and a little something about them. This is the basis of Shari’s 100 Club. Club membership is open to any employee who can learn the name and something about 100 guests. Team members are rewarded with a pin and cash bonus. Some of your Shari’s teammates know more than 2,500 guests.


Shari’s general managers who meet the established criteria are invited to attend the annual Presidents Club conference. This conference is held at a resort location and is dedicated to Celebration and Collaboration.


You will find that many of your Shari’s teammates have been with the company for a long time. Shari’s recognizes your years of service each year on your anniversary date. Each year you will receive a letter recognizing your accomplishment and a voucher to purchase items at our online store. You will also receive distinctive pins on milestone years.


Shari’s team members do some pretty amazing things; going above and beyond to be of service to our guests. To recognize this type of outstanding performance Shari’s has developed a “Hero Award”. Recipients are recognized in our company newsletter and also receive a cash bonus.