January 19, 2012

Beaverton, Ore. - (January 15, 2012) - Shari's Cafe and Pies today announced the introduction of their "Brinners" - which features ingredients normally found in Breakfast and Dinner favorites - combined and served in one delicious bowl.

The "Brinner" concept came from Shari's R&D and Menu Development team's findings that there's an opportunity to serve Breakfast and Dinner all day in their 24/7 family dining locations.

"We've always served a full menu all day", said Kevin Bechtel, Sr. VP of Menu Development. "So we created a meal that appeals to guest that might want Breakfast for Dinner -- or Dinner for Breakfast. And from our test kitchen came 'Brinners', featuring our core ingredients and items from BOTH dayparts".

The Brinners will be a rotation LTO item throughout the year. The first Brinner is the Joe's Special, the San Francisco breakfast favorite. However, the Brinner concept will continue with different themes throughout the year - featuring seasonal and fresh ingredients when possible.

"These Brinners are another proprietary dish in our Simply Great Food line-up. It's a unique preparation of season and regional ingredients and items that our guests can only find at Shari's", Bechtel said. "And, it's creating a new meal for an all-day/every day, daypart."

Contact: Michael Kiriazis
Vice President of Marketing