Shari’s sees success with sustainability

April 3, 2014

Armed with growing evidence that consumers are taking greater note of sustainability initiatives, restaurants are ramping up their efforts.

While reduced operational costs have long been an acknowledged benefit of sustainability, sporting a socially and environmentally conscious image is increasingly a draw for consumers. Nearly half of consumers surveyed in a report for the National Restaurant Association late last year said that they make dining decisions based on energy and water conservation practices. And, more recently, 63 percent of consumers surveyed by Technomic said they are more likely to visit a foodservice operation they view as socially conscious.

“A lot of restaurants are seeing the business case now. It can not only improve your bottom line, but also improve your environmental footprint,” said Laura Abshire, the NRA’s director of sustainability policy and government affairs. “There are cost-effective ways to do it, and you can implement sustainable practices that are both good for your business and good for the environment.”

Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and regional family-dining chain Shari’s Restaurants are among those brands that have found savings and won public accolades for their sustainability efforts. But working together across the supply chain is key, said Clarice Turner, Starbucks Corp.’s senior vice president and general manager of licensed business and the NRA’s sustainability chair.

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